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I Need Extra Cash Now: How to Make Money From Home During the Pandemic

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I need extra cash now has become a saying heard around the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit us all in heavy ways and we need to find ways to stay safe while still making some good money to keep us going.

Making money outside of the standard nine to five jobs has always been a fleeting opportunity, but for those who know where to look and are eager to put in the work, we have the tips you need.

Let’s break down some interesting secrets towards keeping your pockets full. Follow below for some great tips. 

I Need Extra Cash Now! Money Making Tips for the Pandemic Environment

Odd jobs and small gigs are everywhere on the internet. There are many ways to look at your overall budget, adding to it and making your money work better and for longer.

All of these tips can not only make you some extra cash without leaving the comfort of your home, but they all work around profitable skills for future careers! 

1. Crafting and Selling Masks and Other Needed Items

 With the pandemic environment, there are a lot of items that are in extreme need but hard to come by. Medical masks to protect those who need to go out are in high demand.

With a bit of crafting knowledge, you can learn to make and sell these masks, all from home. This skill can also transfer into any needed crafting item, giving you a great way into a rewarding career.

To sell these items, you will need an Free eCommerce website and payment gateway, like those provided by Instamojo here

2. Building Websites

With many people stuck inside, business on the internet is booming. New online businesses require new websites and building these websites is a potent way to get some great business going.

Building websites sounds daunting but there are tools that you can master to get into website building without programming knowledge or tons of money! 

3. Domain Resale

As with websites, domains are a key part of a strong online presence. Not only is a domain name a great signpost for a business, but the strong structure of the related support programs, like email and SSL certificates, is also a potent product to sell. 

With ResellerClub, you can craft strong domains to sell off to businesses looking to make their mark. 

4. Web Hosting Resale

With domain resale and website building, you build up the structure an online business lives on. For long term money, though, you want to look into web hosting.

Websites need a place to live and providing a potent hosting service can help you provide a steady stream of customers. Check out the basics for website hosting here

5. Social Media Management

Social media has become the glue that binds the internet together. Surges of information get amplified by platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Any business with any hope of competing needs to get someone who knows these platforms well.

If you find yourself with some good social media skills, applying for social media management can put you into a valuable position in any company from the comfort of your own home! 

The Online Secrets of Quality Cash

With these tips, the saying I need extra cash now won’t be a common one for you! Combining any of these, or branching off into similar paths, can be a great way to supplement your income even after the pandemic.

Working online can be rewarding, but requires some serious discipline. For more great tips and tricks on how to make all of this work, check out our other articles today!

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